Preparing for my fully vegetarian October: recipes!

Hi guys!

Next month I'm gonna take part to Docventure's "Lihaton lokakuu" (erm, "meatless" October). I barely eat any meat anyways although I've eaten some fish and seafood every now and then. However, next month is gonna be completely vegetarian diet for me. I have cut the meat from my diet because of ethical reasons. I challenged few of my friends to take part as well and promised to share some ideas about what to cook. Here are some very simple recipes that I tried this week to give you some inspiration. I think all of us can cut the meat consumption at least a bit, even though you wouldn't give it up completely.

I am not so familiar with the "cooking vocabulary" so sorry for the interesting choices of words ;)

Marjaana's healthier version of famous avocado pasta

Avocado pasta is my favourite dish. It was all over the cooking blogs a year ago, although I learned about it from my friend, Heini. I like to make it so often that I actually developed a bit healthier version of it, without ruining the tastiness ;). It's very delicious and so easy to prepare. I used organic ingredients, but that's up to you.

You'll need (for 4):

1 clove of garlic
1/2 chili
1 lime
2 avocados
1/3 deciliter olive oil
Handful of basilica
Handful of parsley
A big handful of rucola
2 tomatoes
1/2 deciliter of shred pecorino cheese
1/2 deciliter of shred parmesan cheese
(if you want: pine nuts or other nuts or seeds to add some protein)
500 grams of pasta (I used gluten-free)

Note: You don't need to fry or boil anything else than the pasta ;)

Chop garlic, chili, herbs & rucola and put them straightaway to a serving bowl. Chop tomatoes and avocados into cubes & add them in the bowl. Add juice from the lime. Add pepper, salt, olive oil & the two shred cheese. Add nuts or seeds if you want. Mix.

Boil the pasta. Take 1 deciliter of the boiling water and mix it with the "avocado sauce" in the serving bowl. Add the pasta in the bowl as well. Mix.


Dinner served for one :)

I also prepared two different kinds of soups this week. I think it's so nice to eat soup now in the autumn when the weather has gotten quite chilly. They are also very easy to make and healthy :).

Delicious sweet potato-carrot soup

I was looking for ideas for this soup from internet and then I finally made my own version of all of the recipes I found. It turned out very well and it was so easy to make I could cry! This is perfect for chilly autumn nights!

You'll need (for 2):

2 sweet potatoes
3 carrots
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 vegetable bouillon cube
2 deciliter of Creme Fraiche
herbs for decoration ;)

Peel sweet potatoes & chop them, carrots, garlic and onion. Boil them with the vegetable bouillon cube until they are soft. Add salt & pepper. 

Pour the boiling water from the kettle to a separate bowl.

Mash the veggies with a hand blender. Add creme fraiche. Add as much of the boiling water as you want and let it shortly boil again.


Damn proud of my soup :p

My super duper healthy messy mix soup...that looks weird

I tend to make this soup on Sunday and then I eat it at work for a lunch during the whole next week :D. A soup just doesn't get much healthier than this one. This soup is different each time so feel free to experiment with different veggies etc. 

You'll need (for...hmm, 4...?)

1 deciliter of red lentils
1 deciliter of quinoa
1/2 broccoli
1 red paprika
1 zucchini
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 chili
herbs (like parsley)
250 grams of Turkish or Greek yogurt (don't use low-fat, it doesn't blend in smoothly! I made this mistake....)

Chop broccoli, paprika, zucchini, garlic & chili. Boil them until they are soft. Add also herbs, salt & pepper.

 Boil lentils and quinoa in low heat in a separate kettle for 15 min. Take the water out.

Take the excess water out from the veggie kettle and add lentils and quinoa there too. Now smash everything with a hand blender. WRUUUUUMMMMMM. good.

Add turkish or greek yougurt in, mix and let it shortly boil again.

The IKEA herbs I've grown

It looks...errmmm, interesting. But its healthy!! :D Next time I'll take more excess water out...
There you go, I hope you got some inspiration to cook vegetarian food. I can post more recipes if I do something really good ;).


  1. Love the pasta!

    1. Hey Regine! The pasta is definitely worth a try. I love it sooo much!

  2. Hei, olipa kiva löytää tänne!:) Osallistun myös Lihattomaan lokakuuhun, tosin en syö lihaa muutenkaan, kalaa silloin tällöin. Nyt siis en sitäkään kuukauteen. Ihanaa viikkoa Berliiniin!

    1. Hei Anna! Oi, kiva kuulla! Postailen varmaan lisää reseptejä viikon mittaan, jos teen jotain jännittävää. Ihanaa viikkoa sullekin!

  3. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog :) Sad your dog can't be with you right know :/ I hope you'll soon see him again!

    By the way, I think it's pretty awesome that you're doing this challenge! I also try to eat as less meat as possible and my goal is it to be a full vegetarian in the near future! I look forward to see more veggie recipes on your blog!

    Followed on bloglovin :) xo

    1. Hey Sara! Thanks for your comment :). I'll reunite with my dog at Christmas, I'll have to remember to snap few pics of her also to put here ;). I just made a great feta-veggie filling for baked (sweet)potatoes, I'll make sure to write the recipe here! It was yummy!

      x Marjaana

    2. Sounds delicious :)

      And thank you for subscribing to my channel ♥ It means a lot to me that you like the video :) This workout will definitely help you to strength your torso! On Thursday I'll upload my Pilates workout!

      I'm excited to see pictures of your dog :)

      xo, Sara

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