I spent my day off like a pro

Hi guys!

Today we had a day off because of German unification day. I had big plans for my extra day off. I wanted to play around with my new camera so here are some pics of my perfect blissful day off :).

I woke up early (I mean, early for a day off) and started my day with a nice long breakfast.

I had an appointment at Liquidrom spa for a hot stone massage at 11:30 so I headed there early to relax on the sunbeds before. I had never tried this kind of “pampering massage” before. It was very nice and relaxing! I highly recommend it! After the massage I tried the pools and saunas at the spa. The weather was sunny so in their covered inner yard you could sunbathe on the sunbeds, I think I even got a bit sunburned (In October!?). After I had tried every single sauna they I had a nice goat cheese salad and a tea and I read Finnish fashion magazine Trendi. Btw, I prefer Finnish fashion magazines over any other because they are not a size of a bible because of all the ads…

After very relaxing three hours I headed to the reunification festival at Brandenburger tor. There were some artists performing and, ummm, lots of food… The place was so crowded that I just walked through the area snapping pics (okay, I stopped to grab a waffle too) and headed to Friedrichstasse to catch a tram...took the nice route of course by the Spree river ;).

My next stop was Zuckerfree café next to our apartment where I just had a cup of green tea while I read a book from my kindle. I’m reading “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed which tells about her half a year Pacific Crest Trail hike. So far so good.

Around six I went home and now me and Ben are waiting for our pizzas and ice cream to be delivered so that we can start to watch Hangover 3. Do you wanna see a picture of our pizzas? Well, waaaaait for it……waaaaaait for it….THEY ARE HERE!

mmmmm nice 'n' greasy :p

Oeh, I wish every day off was like this one, I'm kind of awed of that I managed to do this much in one day....

Anyways, It's also weekend soon! Have a nice one :)! 


  1. Oi oii, mikä ihana päivä :)) (Paitsi tuo löllömuna)

    1. Joo oli kyllä tarkasti suunniteltu vapaapäivä ja nappiin meni ;). mmmmm löllömuna!

  2. nice photos :) looks like you had a great day!


    1. Hi Sara! thanks! Yes it was such a nice day :)


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