Video of my holidays in Spain

Hi guys!

Here's a video I made to capture the nice moments of our holidays in Spain. Enjoy ;D

Sweatshirt obsession

Hi guys!

I'm a 90's kid and it's been fun to see the comeback of all the trends back from those days. Like crazy neon colours, pastels, denim, crop shirts, platform trainers... It's quite a weird feeling to wear stuff that you already once had started to think is ugly...I guess that's the circle of fashion. Once some trend is "overworn" it becomes ugly until it becomes trendy once again. I wouldn't go for the complete denim overalls with crop t-shirt with platform trainers -look though 'cause I'd feel like I was eight again. There's one 90's comeback trend I'm especially excited about... The sweatshirts! Especially the ones with Mickey Mouse or the ones with a head of an animal, haha :D. The one that I'm most obsessed about at the moment is slightly more subtle though...It's quitted and plain white. I could wear it every day... And here's a proof I almost have...

Sweatshirt- Sandro, Coat-Samuji, Blouse- October Sky, Jeans- Zara,
Shoes-Gabor, Bag-New Yorker

Sweatshirt-Sandro, Shirt-Acne, Denim vest-One teaspoon,
Watch-Michael Kors, Jeans-Acne, Shoes-Acne, Bag-Michael Kors

Sweatshirt-Sandro, coat-H&M, Dress-Forever 21, Shoes-Vagabond, Necklace-H&M
(The pic was taken by my colleague for Zalando Finland Facebook page)

Underwater snorkeling video

Hi Guys!

I edited a video that I filmed when I was snorkeling with my sister in Cabo de Palos on my holidays last week...enjoyyy ;D!

Holiday greetings from Spain!

Hola chicos!

I'm in my holiday mood! I just came back from Spain where I spent a relaxing week with my family. My parents and their friends were basically golfing all the time so I spent most of the time with my little sister. We stayed in south of Spain in a small town called Los Alcazares. The town is by Mar Menor, a salty lagoon. Our hotel was super nice with a spa and a rooftop pool (Hotel 525). You can only guess how much time we spent by that pool... We also visited many other cities, Torrevieja, Cartagena, Cabo de Palos and La Manga. I arrived back in Berlin late yesterday night but I had still this day off. 

All in all it was very nice and relaxing holiday, it felt longer than a week which is always nice :). It was nice to spend some time with my sister and parents as well.

Day 1

I arrived in Los Alcazares around 14:00. I "passed out" by the pool until the others came in the evening and we went for a dinner

First evening in Los Alcazares -the view from our hotel rooftop
Beautiful sunset

Following my "meatless October" also in Spain
Spooky... Trying the water on our first evening in Mar Menor

Day 2 - Visiting Cartagena and La Manga

Juulia  at Cartagena city center
Roman theater in Cartagena 

Got out from the bus in a wrong place so we got lost...
Ended up in La Manga instead of Cabo de Palos...

Day 3 - Beach day...

Los Alcazares - Mar Menor

Dinner time...

Day 4 - Visiting Torrevieja

What a nice place for drinks ;)
Finally- Shopping in Torrevieja

Day 5 - ...Beach day

Beach lunch, fresh bread with garlic, tomatoes, olives and cheese

...Until the evening
Out for a dinner

Day 6 - Snorkeling in Cabo de Palos

Day 7 & 8 another Beach days ;D

Last night


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