Tour in our flat

Hey guys!

So instead of taking 1000 photos, I decided to make a quick video of our flat here in Berlin. Some of you (I assume I know CREEP!) have already visited me, but there are still many that haven't (I'm not pointing any fingers here, but Elina, Pauliina, Lallu and Anniina just to name few :DD). So hey, I'll show you where we live with Ben. I know this video will be highly appreciated by my mum who's staying up nights wondering if I'm still as messy as I used to be and I AM. I just tried to tidy up things before I filmed.

The flat is very near to my work and very far from Ben's. That works out just fine for me, after all I lived here first...hehe... Anyways, we live close to Alexanderplatz which, I hear, is considered as a city center nowadays. The city used to be divided into two by a massive wall (actually two), as you know (if not, don't admit it, ever.). Therefore there used to be two city centers, two zoos, two everything. The district is called Prenzlauer Berg and it's former east Berlin but nowadays very popular, a bit more expensive area with manymany bars and caf├ęs. I would never ever want to move to any other district again :P. I love the fact that all the action happens just few meters from our door and that I can have those few extra minutes to sleep in the morning. Exactly 90 mins more than Ben gets to sleep. Just saying.

Ok, so I filmed the video with a normal camera which is not exactly designed for that. It's not a spectacular spectacular but if you like, I can film some more stuff, it seemed much easier than to take perfect photos. So let me know.

Now, do you have your popcorn ready?

Let's get it started...

Hi guys!
I finally started my very own blog. I've been planning to do this for a longlong time but I just never found the time to start (seriously, I was just lazy). I do this mainly to keep my friends and family out there up north up to date what I'm up to. up up up. Although, as you notice, I've chosen to write in English, WHAAAt? Yep, even though my best of the bestest friends are Finns, most of my other friends don't know a word of it. So, I guess I'll start like this and if I find out later that Finnish would be anyways a better choice, then I'll just swap. Just like that. After all, all my best of the bestest finns do speak English with a very nice British accent indeed.

So guys, I know you also wanna see some superduper nice photos of Berlin and stuff, won't you? I try my best to be more active camera user. I'll start by searching for my camera. It is out there somewhere.

Until next time (club) mates!

Ps. If you ever see this brilliant drink somewhere lurking on the shelves of a grocery store; STOP! purchase, open, enjoy.

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