7 facts about me

Hi guys!

I am so proud of my new blog layout that I just have to try it out by posting something :D. I llllove it, what do you think about it? As there are few readers that don't actually know me at all, I decided to take this chance to share some facts about me.

Selfieeee :p

Fact 1
I love my new blog layout. Just kidding ;D. Ok, seriously now, so, I love colours! That's how I came up with the name of my blog, too. I also like to wear very colourful clothes and I don't have any rules, like "you cannot wear pink with red" etc...I feel more energetic when I'm wearing lots of colours so EXCUSE ME if  you confuse me with a rainbow. My favourite colour since I can remember has always been mint!

Fact 2
My favourite books are Harry Potters! No matter how awesome books I read I'll never get the same feeling as I got when I read the first book and I got to know about this magical world that muggles only rarely get to take part of ;). I used to pack the first three books (in Finland they published those three at the same time and then we had to wait for the fourth one FOREVAHH) in a plastic bag, in case our house would set on fire and I had to escape fast. Logic of a 9-year-old...

Fact 3
In social situations I'm normally either easy going, telling jokes and trying to steal the show or very awkward. Luckily those awkward moments come only rarely nowadays but gosh do I hate those moments :D!

Fact 4
I've had East African land snail (that died after one day) and an African Clawed frog (that disappeared from its terrarium one day!?) as a pet. Now I have a dog but it's more my parents' now as she lives in Finland with them. She's getting old ad lazy. No, actually just old, lazy she has always been. Anyways, she's very dear to us. I'd like to get African pygmy hedgehog (are all the animals African-something in English!?) as a pet, but I'm too scared it will die, disappear or get lazy. Besides, I'm not sure if they come along with monkeys (Ben).

Fact 5
I have some kind of unconscious attraction to countries starting with letter B. I lived half a year in Brisbane, Australia, another half a year in Barcelona, Spain and now I live in Berlin. And I'm actually dreaming about moving to USA, to Bew York City next :P.

Fact 6
I have one older sister, Jenni, who has the loveliest daughter ever, Isla. Jenni is a super woman! She gets so much things done (like building & decorating a house and organizing a wedding) and yet has time to be an awesome mum. AANd she still manages to look good through all this. I mean, we all know what happened to my looks when I had to concentrate on only two things at once (job and thesis).... I have also one younger sister who is a city girl and a world traveler trapped in a small city called Teuva. She will be famous one day, not sure if its by making sounds with cups (her new hobby :D), youtubing or just being a successful business woman, but the time will show. 

Fact 7
Finally something totally random: When I was six, I put a pearl up my nose and let it be there a whole day until I told anyone. Why? I was embarrassed. I'm pretty sure the pearl is still somewhere inside my head though. Sometimes I just feel it, you know, I just do... :p

Okay guys that's it. I hope you like my new layout!



  1. Fact 5 you meaning you are dreaming of moving to the Big Apple, here you go a B again ;)

    1. Oh you are right, Big Apple makes much more sense than "Bew York" ;D.

  2. Vad glad man blir när man läser din blogg! :D kraaaaam

  3. looking too much pretty in all your pictures :)


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