Hiking Mount Batur and relaxing in Nusa Lembongan

Hi guys!

Just a short update cause I need to catch my flight soon ;).  It's my last day in Bali! I'm flying to Singapore in couple of hours. The last two nights I've stayed in Legian. As soon as I arrived here I met some lovely girls and had an awesome party in Kuta (I recommend Alley cats for pre-party and the fancy Sky Garden for later ;) ). Yesterday we went for drinks in Seminyak. There are lots of beach bars with comfy chairs and live music. It was sooo chilled and nice. It's moments like that when I'm just thinking how lucky I am to be here!

While I was in Ubud I did the sunrise hike at Mount Batur, an active volcano nearby. I needed to get up at 2am and we started hiking at 3am. It took us about two hours to get to the top. We were served some breakfast there (they cooked the eggs by using the steam from the volcano!) and watched the sunrise. The view was amazing!

Between Ubud and Legian I also spent two nights at Nusa Lembongan. Its an island in the east of Bali. The beach was beautiful and snorkeling there was amazing! Saw so many fish and beautiful corals, It's quite quiet island, popular for couples... a perfect place to chill. It's quite expensive though compared to Bali so I wouldn't stay there longer than two nights. Apparently it's a popular spot for weddings.

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