My favorite outdoor activities in Berlin!

Hi guys!

For the sake of Sunday I'll tell you some of my favorite ways to spend my weekends in Berlin. In Finland my weekends normally involved going out, but I think I've calmed down a bit here ;). Mostly because it requires way too much commitment to go out. Here it's quite hard to get in to the most popular night clubs, like Berghain or Katerholtzig. To Katerholtzig I've managed to get in once, the other time I just went to see the length of the line with my dear friend Heini but we gave up and went for a falafel instead ;). Before that we were standing in Berghain's line for one hour or so, until Sven with a smooth nod gestured; "not tonight, girls". I guess we didn't look lesbian enough. But at least we saw the most iconic bouncer ever, Sven -->

...What a friendly looking guy he is... a real teddy bear that u just wanna squeeze.

I used to go quite often to Würzburg during the weekends to visit Ben and I've also visited other cities in Germany and nearby, like Prague (Czech Republic), Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Hamburg, Munich, Koblenz, Lübeck, Poznan (Poland)... However, this summer and since Ben moved here in August I've been concentrating more exploring Berlin itself ;).

One thing I like to do during the weekend is to be outdoors discovering the parks, gardens or lakes in Berlin. And there's plenty! So here are some tips, do them while you can :D!

Here are my tips what to do outdoors:

1. Gärten der Welt (World's gardens)

I went here some weeks ago with Ben and loved it! There are typical gardens from all over the world, like Bali, Korea, Japan... It's a great place to chill out when the weather is nice. The entrance was few euros..

Here are some pics found from Ben's Blackberry:

Dunno what this garden was :D

Korean garden

Balinese  garden

Learn more here

2. Botanischer Garten Berlin (Botanical garden)

This garden you can visit even though the weather wasn't perfect since they have a huge greenhouse with the weirdest plants ever (like the ones that "eat" meat :p). Here I really felt like I was far away from the city cause the outside area is like a forest... felt like back home :p. Again the entrance was just few euros.

Learn more here

3. Lakes

There are a lot of lakes in Berlin. The most popular ones are Wannsee and Müggelsee where they have also nice beaches. I would just pick a lake and go kayaking or paddling. It's also nice to go there by bike. I also did a sailing course with Lieke in Zeuthener see (See the map), here's the proof:

This lake was quite far away from the city but really nice, calm and CLEAN. Lot of activities to do; sailing, wind surfing, stand paddeling....

Wannsee (see the map) and Müggelsee (see the map) are close enough to bike yet far enough to feel like you've done a bit of exercising there.

Biking trip to Müggelsee

I'd also recommend Plötzensee (see the map). Its quite small but it's near the city and has a beach (also a nude one as usual) and you can rent paddling boats from there.

In case you're a city girl (or a boy, lets not be discriminating here) and you're ok with having no personal space, lying between random people, go to Badeschiff (see the map):

My hot summer day visit to Badeschiff...

4. Parks

Berlin is also known for its many parks. Tiergarten is big enough for you to get lost there. As you might know, Berlin wall was actually two walls, the space between was called the death strip. When the wall went down in 1989 they made parks in many of those places where the death strip was. Mauerpark was also once a death strip. Nowadays there's a popular flee market every Sunday and a lot of other things going on, like karaoke, basket ball, some artists playing music and people making graffiti on the wall... A nice place to do people-watching!

Chilling at Mauerpark


Schiller Park (see the map) in Wedding, also worth to visit! A lot of rabbits there...

5. The other stuff...uncategorized ;)

* Go to alternative berlin city tour, 3 hours of walking and learning about Berlin's steet culture, graffiti and history :). I've  done it twice, I really recommend everyone to do it! It's free (but of course you wanna give a tip).  See their website here

Do the tour and you'll learn more about this tree house made by a Turkish guy on no man's land

They'll also teach you about Berlin's street art 

*Go to see FC Hertha. They are so bad you'll feel sorry for them.

Watching Hertha game with Ben

* Not-so-active things to do; Go to a biergarten, or to an open air! The pics that I had from these activities were not presentable enough for this blog...

So there you go! This is not of course all I do during the weekends, but enough for one post :D. 

Until next time (club) mates!


  1. You have same bag as I, just a different color! That pink one.... our minds are connected.

    Me and Aapo will surely try to visit as many of those places! That badechiff pool-thingy-whatever-it-is looked so cool :O

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