Watch out or you'll turn into a hemulen!

Hi guys!

When did it get so dark in the evenings? It's late autumn and I can feel my common attitude against it pushing goes something like "I'm's so's so cold....". But WAIT! I'm not gonna fall for that this year. Nö-höööyy! Instead I will do stuff that autumn lovers do: burn lots of candles (not at both ends though :p), decorate a flat with ambient (*KröhmChristmasKröhm*) lights, eat warm soups, drink hot chocolate, read all the books I didn't have time to read during the summer, wrap myself into blankets and maybe...just maybe take a stroll outside to change my attitude towards autumn's "dark and cold" to more like "atmospheric and crisp". 

I've lots of trips abroad coming up as well so I really should't have a problem to stretch my "summer mood" all the way to December ;). Because quite frankly December is never a problem for me, it's time of Christmas markets, shopping for gifts, lights, mulled wine, ginger bread and classic Christmas related movies...and songs! :D. Too early to talk about Christmas, eh?

Anyways, let's not mention "winter depression" even once this year. Because at least I didn't have it until  someone mentioned that word. Just eat your goddamn vitamin D and look at the bright side, that is: "atmospheric and crisp".

...After all, we don't wanna end up like The Hemulen from the Moomins...

“Moominvalley in November
Chapter 5, THE HEMULEN:

The hemulen woke up slowly and recognised himself and wished he had been someone he didn't know. He felt even tireder than when he went to bed, and here it was -- another day which would go on until evening and then there would be another one and another one which would be the same as all days are when they are lived by a hemulen.

He crept under the bedcover and buried his nose in the pillow, then he shifted his stomach to the edge of the bed where the sheets were cool. He took possession of the whole bed with outstretched arms and legs he was waiting for a nice dream that wouldn't come. He curled up and made himself small but it didn't help a bit. He tried being the hemulen that everybody like, he tried being the hemulen that no one liked. But however hard he tried he remained a hemulen doing his best without anything really coming off. In the end he got up and pulled on his trousers.

The Hemulen didn't like getting dressed and undressed, it gave him a feeling that the days passed without anything of importance happening. Even so, he spent the whole day arranging, organising and directing things from morning till night! All around him there were people living slipshod and aimless lives, wherever he looked there was something to be put to rights and he worked his fingers to the bone trying to get them to see how they ought to live.
It's as though they don't want to live well, the Hemulen thought sadly as he brushed his teeth. He looked at the photograph of himself with his boat which was been taken when the boat was launched. It was a beautiful picture but it made him feel even sadder.

I ought to learn how to sail, the Hemulen thought. But I've never got enough time...” 

-Tove Jansson

A cure for everything: good food! and lots of it! @Zuckerfree

Hot chocolate @Zuckerfree


  1. Try to keep your new attitude towards autumn ;D

    The only thing I don' like about this season is, that it gets dark so early, especially after we have to change the time at the end of this month :/ But I try to see the positive things about's so cozy... candles, books, blankets and hot chocolate :D

    1. Yeah Sara, I'll try my best :D Yeah the darkness is the worst bit! I'm just about to head to Berlin's "festival of lights"...maybe that will help against the darkness :D


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