La belle Paris

Hi guys!

Last weekend I visited my cousin in Paris for a long weekend. We had time to catch up, enjoy the spring weather (when it wasn't raining...), stroll on the streets of Paris and consume lots of wine. The highlight of the trip was a visit to our childhood dream place; Disneyland ;)! What a great weekend! I took lots of photos and filmed as well, so below you can see the result...

I don't know why the video quality got so bad when I uploaded it :s..

Sneak peek to our new flat

Hi guys!

We moved to a new flat a while back and had our housewarming party a week ago. Before the party I quickly filmed a video so that you guys can have a look as well. I added couple of party images as well, what a good party it was ;)! Ben and I prepared some party snacks, like pizza, guacamole, tzatsiki with veggies and so on, but the icing on the cake was Taija's brownies!

Nothing beats good food with good company

Hi guys!

My computer hasn't been working for a while but now it's ok again (as long as I don't shut it down...) so here's an update what's been happening. Based on the pics it seems that my life has been very much about food lately. You cannot blame me, I do have an excellent kitchen for cooking.

Siri and I had a little movie night for which we prepared chicken wings, cucumbers & carrots with tzatziki and sweet potato chips. The making of sweet potato chips is a form of art itself. If you try them out, make sure not to do the following mistakes we did:
- Do not put anything else in the oven than the chips
- Do not pile them on the tray. They shouldn't touch each other
- Do not use baking paper. Its too "greasy"
- Do not think you can make them without checking out a recipe first ;D

After fixing all our errors they turned out to be good though ;)

I tried the same zucchini-garlic-parmesan cheese topping for the sweet potatoes as I did a while back for pasta. I wrote about it here. I also made guacamole...twice. And ate it with every meal from breakfast to my evening snack... For my guacamole I use:
- 2 avocados
- 1 onion
- 2 garlic cloves
- 1/2 chili
- 1 tomato
- the juice of 1/2 lemon
- some fresh coriander and basil
- few drops of Tabasco (for me more cause I've gained spiciness resistance lately...)

And GOSH it's good!

Taija, Sanna and me also organised "chocolate-making get-together". We wanted to try to make healthy raw chocolate. It was super easy!

Here's how we did it:
- Melt 2 dl of coconut oil on a plate over a boiling water (just see what Sanna and Taija are doing in the pic below :D)
- Add 2 dl of 100% cocoa powder. Let it melt as well.
- Add 3 tablespoons of agave syrup and 1 spoon of honey to sweeten. (This is up to you... do as sweet or non-sweet as you want!)
- Mix and pour on a tray, add nuts or dried fruits and pop it in the freezer for half an hour
- YummYummMumsMumsOmmommmOmmmmmm

....We did some salad as well!!

My 10k challenge is going goooood! I can see some results already. I'm down to 6000 swings, 4000 more to go! Tomorrow we have our housewarming party. I try to take pics, but let's be honest here; i'll probably forget :P.

Have a great weekend!

Aerial yoga, flour-free pizza, shopping and the itchy Berliners at gym.....

Hi guys!

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine started with going crazy at Lush buying lots and lots of different kinds of bath melts, bath bombs and bubble bars...we have a  bathtub now you see. I have to say that the people working at Lush are always super nice! They know a lot about all the products and they are very helpful. In the evening I watched Gravity with Ben. I wasn't too impressed. I think it would have been much better in 3D.

On Saturday Ben headed to his grandparents place to meet his relatives so I began my "single weekend". I tried Aerial yoga which was super fun! If you live in Berlin, you can try it out at Kulturbrauerei at Jangada for 15 €. It's worth every penny! After this I headed to Ku'ddam (shopping area) to look for a spring coat. If you have checked out my Fashiolista profile lately, you'll know what kind of coat I'm hunting for. Didn't find a coat, but I got few shirts and socks ;D. The hunt will continue... In the evening I wanted to try to cook a flour-free pizza base. The base was made out of cauliflower and even though it doesn't taste like a classic pizza it was very good and great alternative for the real thing :). See the recipe in English here and in Finnish here.

Aerial yoga looks something like this...stole the pic from here, sorry about that :p
This is the kind of Spring coat I'm hunting...These are from By Malene Birger, Topshop, Ganni

The yummy flour-free, vegan, organic pizza ;)
On Sunday I treated myself with a massive breakfast before I headed to gym to complete one fourth of my 10000 kettlebell swings. Feelin like a supawomääääään! Now, today (again) I witnessed some strange behavior at the gym at the ladies sauna. Why are some women there so itchy!? There's women scratching their private parts like there's no tomorrow. Excuse me. Note that I am slightly exaggerating, but still. There's other weird behavior happening as well but I'll save you from that and won't go into details. Sorry for sharing this info with you guys but I'm just slightly annoyed 'cause there I am, drinking my water in the sauna and I get told off because of that...When I ask: "Why I cannot drink here?" the answer is: "Because you're not allowed to". Scratching yourself in public shouldn't be allowed to! Peace.

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