Sweatshirt obsession

Hi guys!

I'm a 90's kid and it's been fun to see the comeback of all the trends back from those days. Like crazy neon colours, pastels, denim, crop shirts, platform trainers... It's quite a weird feeling to wear stuff that you already once had started to think is ugly...I guess that's the circle of fashion. Once some trend is "overworn" it becomes ugly until it becomes trendy once again. I wouldn't go for the complete denim overalls with crop t-shirt with platform trainers -look though 'cause I'd feel like I was eight again. There's one 90's comeback trend I'm especially excited about... The sweatshirts! Especially the ones with Mickey Mouse or the ones with a head of an animal, haha :D. The one that I'm most obsessed about at the moment is slightly more subtle though...It's quitted and plain white. I could wear it every day... And here's a proof I almost have...

Sweatshirt- Sandro, Coat-Samuji, Blouse- October Sky, Jeans- Zara,
Shoes-Gabor, Bag-New Yorker

Sweatshirt-Sandro, Shirt-Acne, Denim vest-One teaspoon,
Watch-Michael Kors, Jeans-Acne, Shoes-Acne, Bag-Michael Kors

Sweatshirt-Sandro, coat-H&M, Dress-Forever 21, Shoes-Vagabond, Necklace-H&M
(The pic was taken by my colleague for Zalando Finland Facebook page)


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    1. I think it's my favourite too ;) I like that lilac colour a lot atm..

  2. Gotta love the 90's :) I love that sweatshirt, it's very versatile:)

    Paula xxx
    My beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Yeah, and I've washed it like 100 times already and it still looks like a brand new :o!

  3. love all the outfits! The last one is my favourite!

    Anna Czarina


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