I recommend...

Hi guys!

There are many things I've tried recently and I think you should try them as well.

Here we go.

I recommend...

Sunday brunch with friends. Everybody brings something, you get yourself way too full, then go on talking about everything under the sun., until you feel like you can have a third piece of cake.

Frozen yogurt... especially Yoli in Berlin. You get to choose as many toppings as they can fit in the cup. And oh how they try to fit as many as possible to please you. Bless them.

Nail polish with sprinkles. Thanks to the sprinkles you get nice looking nails while balancing both your laptop and the nail polish bottle on your belly and watching Big Bang Theory at the same time. Blindfolded. Okay not the last one but the it was dark. 

Balancing things on your belly brings me to recommending to see the bright side of things. See, the balancing wouldn't be as easy on the abs I was expecting to have around this time. All stiff an uneven as abs are.

The nail polish is Like "Sweets way" from nails inc.
Let it be. Or don't. "Let it be" is the new vegan café at Neukölln. They serve sweet and salty crepes, sandwiches, cakes and hamburgers. 

Sales. It's on baby!! My sale shopping was spontaneous and rewarding. I was mainly excited about the sales at Sandro, my favourite shop. 

Sandro, Sandro, Filippa K + the necklace 2nd hand
World Press Photo exhibition. It features the award-winning photographs from the World Press Photo Contest for press photography. This gives a good overview for what happened in 2013. Although most of the images are quite shocking and sad... You can see it in over 40 countries. It's on now in Berlin at Willy-Brandt-haus in Kreuzberg until July 3rd.

Trying out plant based diet. This has been on my mind for a while and after so many people recommended it to me, I finally rented "Forks over knives" from iTunes. It's a documentary that explains in a pretty convincing way why you should eat plant based diet... for your health, all the ethical matters being a good side effect of it.

Summer-to-dos in Berlin

Hi guys!

I had lovely guests visiting from Finland and we had lots of summer fun! If you're planning to visit Berlin during summer, here's some of the things you can do...

1. Go to a Biergarten. 
We went to Prater in Prenzlauer Berg which is one of the biggest in the city, but there are plenty to choose from!

2. Go to a lake.
 The biggest ones are Wannsee and Müggelsee. They're a bit outside of the city but there are smaller ones near the city center. We went to Weissensee.

3. Go sightseeing by bike. 
Berlin has great biking roads. Renting a bike for a day normally costs 10 €. You can find bike rentals all around the city.

 4. Go to an open air party.
There's lots of these in summer. Check out the facebook group  "Open airs in Berlin". There's an open air at Badeschiff every weekend. We went to Bite Club, a street food party in Mitte.

5. Eat brunch + veggie food
There's no better way to start your day than by eating at one of Berlin's brunch places! We ate a delicious vegan brunch at Veganz. Here are more vegan & vegetarian restaurants listed.

6. Go to an open air flea market
One of the most popular ones is of course the flea market on Sundays at Mauer Park. Here a few more.

7. Check out the events.
This weekend there was Karneval der Kulturen. We went to see the parade and enjoyed the sunny weather. There's a lot happening here during the summer so make sure to google "events in Berlin" when you're visiting ;)

8. Go rollerblading/skating/walking/biking in Tempelhof
Tempelhof is an old airport now open for everybody to have a picnic or BBQ. The runways are perfect for rollerblading or skating!

Mini holiday in Finland

Hi Guys!

My quick trip to Finland was a while ago but here follow "found from the phone" -pictures!

My friends took me from the airport at night and we headed to a nightclub straightaway.

That's about all the glamour I had on that trip because when in Finland...

The most massive two scoops of ice cream at Kristiinankaupunki.

I got my long graved "new potatoes"  and Finnish style BBQ

Islas 2-year birthday party

Isla watering the flowers with Vilma and Lallu

Sunbathing Teuva-style

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