Hiking trip to Saxon Switzerland national park

Hi guys!

Me and Ben did a small hiking trip to Saxon Switzerland this Saturday. The place was awesome! In case some of you wants to visit this beautiful national park as well (and I really recommend you to do it), here's some info.

We took a two hour train drive to Dresden on Friday night and stayed in a hotel called Tryp by Wyndham. We paid 60 € all together for one night. We didn't have that much time to look around in Dresden, but for what I saw, it's a very pretty city. You should check it out while you're there! On Saturday we took S1 (train) from the main train station to the national park. The trains go every hour or so. You can get out in many places, we chose to get out in Kurort Rathen, but on our way back to the city we caught the train back from Stadt Wehlen. There are many trails where to choose from, but since we wanted to see the medieval town, or what is left from it, and the Bastei rock formation and bridge, we simply chose the one that was leading us to "Bastei" direction ;).

There was some restaurants by the trail but we decided to eat in a small village near Stadt Wehlen S Bahn station before we took the ferry over the Elbe. We ate at Pasta Lucia where they make the pasta themselves. I paid 7 euros for my portion and OH MY GOSH how good it was! The best pasta I've ever eaten I must say...

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