Berlin tips for visitors

Hey guys!
I thought these tips might be useful for some of you if your're planning to visit Berlin. I originally wrote these tips (except the bars & clubs -part) for my sister and her family, so now I just translated it into English. If you have ANY questions about Berlin, I'm more than happy to help! 

My favourite Restaurants (and many others' favourites too, so make a reservation :) )

  • White trash: "Berlin’s best steaks plus German-Asian-Mexican-French-Swiss-Army Fusion, with guitar". A BIT like Hard Rock Café… See the link
  • Yumcha heroes: so good dumplings, SO good. See the link
  • Bird: The best hamburgers in Berlin for sure. They also use very good, fresh ingredients. For many this is a MUST when visiting Berlin See the link
  • Schwarzwaldstuben: German food. Especially food from Bayer. Take maul tachen mit kartoffel salat (my favourite!) See the link
  • For lunch grab Berlin’s traditional dish, curry wurst or döner. the best Döner place is Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab, but be prepared to line up for half an hour or so. It’s totally worth it though, I’ve done it three times, no regrets J

A lot of restaurants where to choose from in Kastanienallee and Torstrasse

Other things to do (than to eat…)

  • Berlin Zoo in Tiergarten (My sister said there was sharks too, unlike in Sea Life :p). There’s also another zoo called Tierpark.
  • The lakes! (see my previous post for these…)
  • Shopping: in Kürfurstendamm, or "Ku'ddamm" Also a huge department store KaDeWe is there. See the link
  • Take a river cruise in Spree, you can catch one almost anywhere in the city (next to the river Spree of course). At least in Friedrichstrasse there are many…
  • Museuminseln: An island with museums, the buildings itself are very pretty. At least Pergamon museum is good, I heard. See the link
  • Potzdamer platz/Tiergarten: in this area there are all the most important sightseeing stuff, like the Holokaust memorial, Brandenburger tor, Reichstag and so on. Also Museum Inseln and Checkpoint Charlie are in a walking distance. Here’s more about the landmarks in berlin See the link
  • Alexanderplatz is the center of the city, I suppose ;). Also the hallmark of Berlin is located there, the TV tower. Btw, don’t eat around this area, it’s expensive and the food is not that good…
  • East side Gallery. The longest remaining piece of Berlin’s wall. Decorated with graffiti by various artists J
  • The flea market in Mauerpark on Sundays, definitely worth to experience!
  • Berlin’s street and graffiti culture: take Alternative berlin city tour. I really recommend this tour, I’ve done it twice! Takes around 3 hours, it’s free, but you might wanna give some tip. Starts from Alexanderplatz every day at 11:00, 13:00 and 15:00. See the link
  • Potsdam (outside the city, Unesco world heritage) See the link

For something special (both are good for non-German speakers):

  • Blueman group: errm, blue men play drums and make a mess with blue paint ;D See the link
  • Show me: Dancing, acrobatics… See the link

Clubbing & Bars (seriously, there's so many that I'll just mention few...):
Be prepared to line up…
  • Berghain (the most popular, almost legendary I’d say, not an easy task to get in)
  • Katerholtzig

Bars & clubs in general you find in:

There you go! As I said, I'm happy to help if you want to know more :)


  1. Hi Marjaana, thank you for your comment on my blog! It is such a lush colour! In the UK they sell them in Boots and Poundland and in the US they sell them in many stores including Walgreen's and Walmart :-) sorry I'm not familiar with shops in Berlin :-( hopefully they stock them for you as they are also so cheap! X x x

  2. Eikö se toinen eläinpuisto ollu Berlin Zoo? Ja siitä mainittakoon että sen sisällä on myös se "kala juttu" jossa sentäs oli haita! Sealifes ei! Jenni


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