My goals for the rest of the year

Hi Guys!

I had a flu with a horrible high fever since last Saturday which got me to think of my goals that I set myself for year 2013. It's a thing that I started few years ago, to take the time to clarify what I want and to stay focused in reaching them. So every year or every half a year I write down what I wanna gain that year. It has worked fine for me so far, but this one point I don't really seem to reach even though it has been on my list quite a while now...being a healthy person, FAIL!! I decided to fix my goals for the rest of the year and prioritize them too, it's time to start working on that "healthy person" -issue of mine.

First of all I wanna explain a bit why I'm doing this. You might have heard about some studies stating that people who write down their goals are more likely to reach them. I think it's true. When you think about your goals, they are normally just some kind of idea floating in your mind, but as you write them down, they immediately become more tangible. It also helps you to clarify for yourself what you actually want and encourages you to take action. Seeing your goals in the paper motivates you and when you read the sentences again and again the impression in the mind becomes deeper. Therefore you start to act towards your goals also subconsciously. 

Some tips that I used to write down my goals:

  • Write it in present tense, first person, as if it had already happened to you. If you write it in future tense, it might always just stay in the future unreachable. So instead of writing "I will lose 5 kg", write "I weight 55 kg".
    • Write them down in detail. Instead of "I have a new work", write "I work as a fashion journalist in Japan's Vogue". This gives your subconscious detailed instructions to work on.

      • Give your subconsciousness positive instructions. Don't write about what you want to leave behind but about what you wanna gain. If you're thinking "I don't want to do this job" it only gives you more negative thoughts that don't take you anywhere, whereas if you think "I work as a fashion journalist", it will have more positive impact. Positive thoughts bring positive results ;).
      • A tip that I just recently found and I am about to do just now: Re-write your goals, adjust them, rephrase, add motivational adjectives etc. This way the words will have maximum impact on you ;).

      I copied down my new goals for the rest of the year. Some things I could take away because I had reached them already. There were points about writing an excellent thesis (this is the main reason why I then ignored the "healthy person" part :D), and about putting an effort for my distance relationship (we live together now, so no need for that anymore). There was also some work related points but this time I decided to leave them out since those goals we set at work anyways. 

      As you can see they don't seem huge ones, I'm not going to build a house or anything, but let's remember these are for the rest of the year and the biggest goal of this year I've already reached, that was the thesis thing. Also, being healthy has proven to be more difficult than I thought, haha.

      My Goals For Year 2013

      I'm healthy:
      * I eat the best food
      * I buy only organic food
      * I eat mainly vegetarian food
      * Back to my porridge and smoothie routines
      * I use the superfoods I have
      * I do yoga and other sports regularly:
      * yoga once a week
      * Other sports twice a week (running outside & gym)
      * I’m a member of a gym
      * I meditate once a week
      * I go to bed before 12
      * Once a week wake up early in the morning to meditate, do yoga or sports

      I live in harmony with Ben :)
      * I speak German with him daily
      * We follow our cleaning plan like a bible
      * We spare some time in the evenings for golf, movies, eating out, cooking etc.

      I read the best books
      * I read every evening
      * I use computer only until 22:30 ;)

      I enjoy life, relax every now and then and do the things I love
      * I travel and see new places
      * I pamper myself, with some nice food, magazines and stuff
      * I walk around the city and parks, find new places in Berlin
      * I eat slow, lazy brunches and read in comfy cafes
      * I write my blog and I'm good at it :)
      * I take a lot of nice photos & videos with my new camera

       Now I just need to print that out and put somewhere where I see it every day... and I'm sure the message starts to sink in!

      Laters, bitches! (yes, I said that)

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