Happy Birthday....to me!

Hi guys!

This happens every year; I'm planning not to celebrate my birthday in any way, I'm not expecting gifts and I don't think it's such a big deal. After all, I'm one day older each day, shouldn't I therefore celebrate it each day :P? However, when the day comes, and the birthday wishes start to push through in the form of cards, emails, facebook messages and also in the form of a human beings, I suddenly start to feel a bit special... or okay, more like a superstar, like a crown princess of Sweden, like Beyonc√©, like a president of United States, like a queen B, like a Greek goddess... Alright then. Not quite. But at least I suddenly become very attention seeking, reading carefully every message in Facebook and embracing them individually, checking my emails in the hope of vouchers in the newsletters I'm subscribed to (20 € voucher from Air Berlin, YAY!) and finally feeling like a million bucks when noticing birthday wishes from Google at the home page. Thank you Google, you really didn't have to but very thoughtful of you.

More seriously my day has been great, actually the whole weekend has been. Yesterday I went to Bikram yoga (people in Berlin, I recommend you to try the 10 day trial :) ) after which I found a huge "organic super market" and went overboard with shopping groceries. I also popped into a couple of other stores. I ended up again at the organic market at Kollwitzplatz and bought my new absolute favourite bread; it's full of all kinds of seeds and not only is it organic but also vegan and gluten free. Bless. The day was sunny but freezing cold so I grabbed a Turkish G√∂tzleme (google it.) as a takeaway and headed home. The rest of the evening I was finishing the book "Rivers of London" by Ben Aaronovitch (recommended for fantasy lovers) and finally went for a movies with Siri to see "12 years a slave". The movie was heavy stuff, but luckily Bratt Pitt appeared in the last 15 minutes of the movie and saved the day. Both plot-wise and visuality-wise.

Today started with a breakfast in bed, served by Ben. Champagne, chocolate and pancakes! I also received a gift card to Cowshed organic spa at Soho house Berlin. Cannot wait to get pampered! After the long breakfast I headed to my "normal" yoga and also had lunch there at their cafe. The rest of the day I've been just chilling, mostly reading and humming "happy birthday" -song... I'm not even kidding. When I was at the peak of my "queen B" -stage I made Ben to sing it to me (actually I was singing along) in every language he can. Bless him.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their birthday wishes :)!

My little sister sent me the best birthday gift ever: a music video!


  1. I love your blog

    1. Thank you, I'll check your blog out :) thanks for stopping by :)

  2. awesome photos! :) Happy birthday hun :)


  3. Aww that video and song was so cute, how thoughtful of your sister! Happy Birthday Marjaana! Sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

    I'd love to try yoga (I only tried at home DVD's, but I don't think it's the same as the "real thing") but it's so hard to find a good place near where I live, everything is so far away!

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    1. Thank you Paula :)! Yes it was really sweet of her, best gift ever :)!

      I love yoga! The bikram yoga was so fun, next I'll try aerial yoga :). Hope you'll find sth nearby!

    2. I really have to find a place because I'd love to try it :)

  4. Kiitos Marjaana kommentista blogini puolella ja tervetuloa sen lukijaksi :)



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