What do I do at Zalando?

Hi guys!

I've been working at Zalando for over a year now. First in the UK team and now in the Finnish team. All the time in the same department though. Even my mum still asks me frequently to explain what was it again that I do. For those who don't know what Zalando is, it is that huge Berlin based online fashion store with striking TV commercials.

I first started as an intern for the UK team. It was absolutely a dream come true for me to work in a fashion company and in an exciting city like Berlin! After I finished my three months internship, I decided I wasn't ready to go home back to my studies yet so I was lucky enough to be able to continue as an assistant for three more months. After that I had to return to Finland to finish my courses and exams in my uni. I stayed in Finland for three months finishing everything with ├╝ber super speed (I'm still running with that speed, ooops!). In February this year I then made my famous come-back, but this time to the Finnish team and as a junior manager. Yay!

I work at CRM (Customer Relationship Management)/ email marketing department. Basically my daily work involves sending out email newsletters to our Finnish subscribers communicating the latest trends, campaigns, new items and offers. If you're a subscriber you might have seen my name or, scarily enough, even my face there every now and then, hehe.

Here's my  "15 mins of fame" (more like 15 sec...):

I'd like to know how many try to use that voucher code :DD

Here's some "Working at Zalando" video:

Finally.....you can subscribe to our newsletter here ;)



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