Fast and healthy burrito, baby!

Hi guys!

I was craving for comfort food today and decided to create a healthy version of burrito. I pretty much just improvised but it turned out to be really good! This is an easy dish to optimize (a natural choice of word for an email marketer...) to a healthier version. The bad brother of my version is pretty naughty with all its cheese. I decided to share this idea with you as a "foodspiration".

For my burrito-baby I used:

Gluten-free tortillas
Home made chili salsa
A lot of home made guacamole (without cream cheese)
White beans
Boiled brown rice
Fresh coriander
Red onion

Salad on the side

Just pile everything on top of the tortillas and pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes until they warm up a bit. As usual I overestimated my hunger and thought I could eat two of these bad boys but no, one was enough!

Before the oven
Talking about burritos... I tested with a couple of friends a burrito place at Neukölln called Burrito Baby. They had vegan options as well (or maybe all of them were?). The burritos were massive and _so_gooood_. You might explode but I'd still recommend taking the nachos as a starter because WHY NOT (what I really wanted to say is: YOLO)!

Massive burrito at Burrito Baby


  1. Oohh this looks sooo good Marjaana! I have to try your version of this! I love burritos. Few weeks a go my husband found a new burrito place and brought me a HUGE veggie burrito. That thing was so big that I had some for dinner that evening and took the rest for lunch to work with me the next day and I still couldn't finish it haha :) I also always overestimate myself and make a lot more food than I can handle, haha :)

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    1. I love all Mexican food! And surprisingly leaving the cheese out in the burrito didn't affect the taste too much, it was still very yummy ;D.

  2. Love love love your blog! :) Maybe I should give a thought for this vegan topic...

    1. No, I love YOUR blog! Read today a few months back in your blog ;D! Yes give it a go, Its an interesting thought ;D!


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