My top 5 reasons why Berlin is the best city on earth

Hi guys!

Lately I've been so hyped about Berlin that I decided to post my top 5 list about the reasons why Berlin is the best city in the world :P. In the past few years Berlin has become more popular place for tourists to visit, but I think it's still quite well kept secret that this is actually an ideal place to live. Don't share this secret with too many friends though, they already have demonstrations every now and then about the rising rents and all that stuff. Real "Berliners" are starting to be rather rare. Bless them.

Reason 1.
On my way home today I bought a sandwich for 99 cents. NINETYGODDAMNNINE cents! A döner in Berlins best döner place (also most probably the best in whole Germany) costs 2,90. If you pay more than 15 € for a dinner, you've been robbed. It's so cheap to eat outside you have to consider whether it is worthy to even ever cook yourself. Also the rents are still fairly low. Extremely low compared to most of the other (European) capitals.

Berlin's best döner place, Mustafa's Gemüse Kebab, and the queue..

Reason 2.
There are sneaky stuff on the streets. In Berlin you should never stare the ground or your phone while walking outside. I learnt this when my Lumia was broken (erm, it still is, for 2 months now...). Once you start paying attention to those sneaky little stuff around you, you'll find them everywhere! You've probably noticed the smiley faces all around the city, or the little "cork men" in yoga poses on top of the street signs, or the "I love you" graffitis high on the walls of the buildings. The sneaky people behind these sneaky things are street artist Prost, yoga teacher Josef Foos and the street art group "I love you" who are specialised in making heaven spot-graffitis (named because if you fall from there, you go straight to heaven...). If you don't know these, you're either not from Berlin or you are too attached to your iPhone. I said "iPhone" cause Nokias are shit and broken all the time. However, it's not just these "small" stuff, but also the abandoned theme park and buildings that you can discover if you have the guts.

Prosts smiley faces around the city

The "cork man" in a yoga pose. They come and go...

"I love you" graffiti, you ask yourself; "HOW?"

Reason 3.
You can drink beer whenever, anywhere. You can drink it in a metro next to a police man and he doesn't care. He's most probably more worried about the horse that is in the same wagon. Yes, that happened. In Finland you cannot buy beer before nine o'clock in the morning. How would it work here if one decides to go to Berghain in the morning? I am not talking about just beer here folks, its the relaxed atmosphere in general. Visit Munich and you can tell the difference. People here don't care how you act or dress, they are used to weird stuff (like horses in the metro).

Horse in Berlin metro.

Reason 4.
FOOD. Its cheap and its good and it's everywhere. It's not just döner and curry wurst, there's all you can imagine. I highly appreciate the vast range of vegetarian food now that I'm trying my best to be more ethical ;P. The food is also delivered straight to your door without any extra costs when you most need it (Check out Lieferando if you haven't yet). My favourites are the brunch places in Prenzlauer Berg though. Le midi, Zuckerfree, Butter and Anna Blume to mention few ;).

Brunch in Le Midi, so delicious, but vegetarians, don't bother.

Reason 5.
Living in the center of a big city, having all the perks of that yet being able to run away to "countryside" whenever I feel like it. In my last blog post I went on an on about that outside stuff. So enough of it. The perks of living in a big city you might know. It's like living in Teuva but having all sorts of activities, cinemas, concerts, people (worth to mention, in Teuva there's just 5000 of them...), festivals, restaurants, clubs...all that shit you see in the movies. I could probably start yogasurfingpaintingfarting here if I wanted to, cause surely there is a small community for this activity as well. Let's take for example last weekend; on Friday we went to see a popular Finnish band, Apulanta, in a bar. We paid almost nothing for the tickets, bonded with the drummer and stood (=danced, screamed, jumped, acted like the biggest fans) right in front of the stage...while they played the songs we wished for and sang happy birthday auf Deutsch for Taija. To top this, we went to see David Guetta for free on Sunday.

Here's a video and some pics from David Guetta:




  1. Hi Girl! I'm visitting Germany soon and I can't wait to go to Berlin! Which place do you think I shall not miss?

    x, Nessie

    1. Hi Nessie! I looked up an email of my Berlin tips that I wrote to my sister when she was coming here. I guess it could be helpful for others as well so i will post it here in few minutes (first have to translate it into english ;D). You're very welcome to ask more questions though if my list is not complete, I'd love to help Berlin visitors out :)

      x Marjaana

  2. 3/5 of your reasons were about food and booze. This list is slim on the culture factor. Rather juvenile editorial if you ask me...Maybe lump 1,3, and 4 together and expand on the things you can do in your AWESOME city.

    1. Hello there, Anonymous! Thanks for your feedback, although I think you might have missed the point in few of the reasons. Actually only one point is about food and none of them is just about booze. The first point is about the cheap living costs in berlin (which also means, that the sandwich I bought was cheap....). In reason 3 the point was more the relaxed atmosphere than the fact that you can drink booze everywhere. Anyways, the post is for sure juventile as you said, no deny on that ;)


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