Advent calendar: Christmas town

Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting for a looong time! Long story short: Ben messed up with our WiFi and it took ages to get it back! So I've been living offline life for almost too weeks now. It's been pretty refreshing! The only downside was that I couldn't blog, but I did lot's of other stuff like crafting, writing (other than blog), reading, cleaning, cooking, doing sports, and best of all; I went to bed super early every evening!

Here's a little sneak peek of what I mean with crafting... It has become more like a tradition that every year I make someone an advent calendar for Christmas. This year I made it of course for my lovely niece, Isla! She's only 1,5 years old so I made this little town and I put little toys, notes, stickers and chocolate inside the houses. There is also a story included. It's about little Isla-sticker who has lost some of her stuff, her pets and her good friend Marjaana-sticker, hahah...So she needs to find them before Christmas... ;)

I got the idea for the calendar from Paperikaupan tyttö. The templates for the houses I printed from Mr Printables.

Meet my new friend: Penny

Hi guys!

I have a new friend: Penny board! I just got this idea one day when browsing online that this could be my new little hobby. The next thing I know is that I received this cute Penny by mail. I've tried it couple of times now. The first rather fail attempt you can see in the video...Posted because it was requested by so many people :D. I also tried it in Tempelhof last weekend and I didn't suck quite as much as on the first time. Too bad the winter is here and my pennying start will be cut short! 

Is there any other happy Penny owners out there?

Sweatshirt- Wildfox, Jeans - Zara, Trainers - Vans

Shoe issues

Hi guys!

So if anyone has followed me in Fashiolista lately, they'd know that I've been "loving" many of those black chunky heel ankle boots...At my work at Zalando I need to check our website and the products there couple of times a day and therefore I've found a bunch of those ankle boots also from our selection ;). Oh, and then I ordered them. Yup. So now I have three pairs of them here and I cannot decide which ones to keep. You'll see them in a sec, but just so you know, I don't get any commission or anything from linking to our site. I just buy most of my clothes from there so yeah, there you go ;).

Please help me to pick a pair :)

Pair No. 1
Shellys London - Zalando FI, Zalando UK, Zalando DE 

Pair No. 2

Duffy - Zalando FI, Zalando UK, Zalando DE

Pair No. 3

Vagabond - Zalando FI, Zalando UK, Zalando DE

Video & images of our trip to Copenhagen

Hi guys!

Me and Ben spent the previous weekend in Copenhagen. We flew there on Friday evening by Easyjet and came back on Sunday evening. The trip came so quickly after my holidays in Spain that I nearly had no time to ask my Danish colleagues for some tips. My friend Heini had also visited the city many times and we got a bunch of good tips from her. We rented bikes on Saturday and managed to see quite a lot that day. On Sunday we spent most of the time in Tivoli theme park. Copenhagen was just as great as I expected. I really recommend a weekend trip there if you live close enough to catch a flight there.

I've edited quite a few videos lately so can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see them all. Also I won't be posting all of my new blogposts in Facebook anymore, so an easier way for you to keep up to date is to follow me in Bloglovin :).

Here's yet again a video of the trip and some pics...

October favourites

Hi guys!

I was looking through the October pictures and I have to say it seems like October treated me well. I had a holiday in Spain and a nice weekend in Copenhagen. I cooked a lot because of the "meatless October" campaign and I spent a lot of time outdoors. I also spent a lot of time in cafes and had huge brunches ;). Here's some of my favourite moments of the month...

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