Stockholm and the mystery of a wallet

Hi guys!

So my Christmas gift for Ben was a cruise from Turku to Stockholm. We arrived in Stockholm at 6:30 in the morning so we had the whole day to spend in the city. The previous night that we spent at the cruise ship wasn't the best one 'cause neither of us could get any sleep. We were however very excited to discover Stockholm.

We started the day with a yummy breakfast at a restaurant called Nybrogatan 38 (the scones were great!) with Heini who kindly made us an action plan for the day. The day was a bit rainy and chilly so among our walking tour we needed to stop often to cafés to warm up. This didn't bother me since I got an excellent excuse to consume lots of hot chocolate.

In the evening we met Heini and Emnet at the trainstation. Unfortunately just when we had to catch our bus back to the ship I realised I had forgotten my wallet in the toilet at the trainstation! PANIC! Running back to the toilet, checking it and all the people there, then the lost and found office, at the same time trying to close my credit cards and bank cards... Oh my. It took me a while to calm down after this episode. Back in the ship I realised it's not SUCH a big deal, I mean, I could have lost myself in the toilet too.

HOWEVER...Today I got great news. My wallet had been sent to my parents place! The cash was gone but all the cards were in. No sender, no note. The address line said "Marjanna Hannele Alako (mispelled), Teuva (my hometown in Finnish) Östermark (my hometown in Swedish)". Without prober address it still found its way to my parents place! "Thanks" Mr/Ms Thief!

Stockholm visitors, If you are new in the city and want to get some tips for what to see in one day, here is our route :).

And now the video and the pics ;)

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