New year's resolutions

Hi guys!

I, like probably many of you, did a punch of new year's resolutions for this year. Some of them formed after the NYE though... I have of course also some professional goals, but here are my goals for the free time ;).

I also had a look at the goals I set for myself  in September to achieve by the end of the year...time to see how I did...

I'm healthy:
* I eat the best food 
* I buy only organic food - Mostly, but not only..
* I eat mainly vegetarian food - YES
* Back to my porridge and smoothie routines - Porridge yes, smoothies no
* I use the superfoods I have - No I didn't...
* I do yoga and other sports regularly:
* yoga once a week - Yes
* Other sports twice a week (running outside & gym) - Since December..
* I’m a member of a gym - Yes
* I meditate once a week - Ooops, must have forgotten this one
* I go to bed before 12 - I definitely got better in this
* Once a week wake up early in the morning to meditate, do yoga or sports - More than once a week!

  I live in harmony with Ben :)
* I speak German with him daily - MUAHAHAHHAHA
* We follow our cleaning plan like a bible - Not really, me better than Ben :D
* We spare some time in the evenings for golf, movies, eating out, cooking etc. - Yes, but could still do more

I  read the best books
* I read every evening - Not quite, but gotten better
* I use computer only until 22:30 ;) - Oh well, what time is it now... but yeah, gotten better.

 I enjoy life, relax every now and then and do the things I love
* I travel and see new places - Yes, but could have done it more...
* I pamper myself, with some nice food, magazines and stuff - Yes, made "home spa" more than once ;D
* I walk around the city and parks, find new places in Berlin - Mmm, did this maybe once or twice..
* I eat slow, lazy brunches and read in comfy cafes - Hahah, wow how difficult to achieve :D...mission accomplished..
* I write my blog and I'm good at it :) - Ah, had too long breaks, but maybe I have developed a tiny bit
* I take a lot of nice photos & videos with my new camera - To the point of annoying my friends and Ben ;)

Oh, pretty much fifty-fifty...a lot to improve still. I could keep these goals as well and revise them again in the summer :D. What were your New Year's resolutions? Would be nice to hear them!


  1. Looks like you have some great goals! Last year my goal was to be more positive (I was always a very negative person) and it changed my life. I only see the good things now :)

    Paula xxx
    My beauty & lifestyle blog

    1. Good to hear it can actually work out, im trying the same as well, negative thoughts take too much energy!



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