2013 Review

Hi guys!

Few days left of 2013, what a great year it has been ;).


The year started in Austria where I was skiing(=snowboarding). I also celebrated my friend's and my birthday with a bunch of friends. My dear friends Pave, Elina and Anniina threw me a surprise-farewell party because after spending three months in Finland finishing my courses super speed, I was heading back to Berlin. They gave me a beautiful bracelet saying "Penzez de moi" in old french and I have worn it ever since, ohop! That's dedication my friends. I started to write my thesis in January and I was busy organizing my move to Berlin.


I moved back to Berlin! I didn't know this back then, but the same weekend I arrived there I had my first and last party until end of May...the reason was thesis. Me and Ben continued our distance relationship as before. Once a month I took a train to Würzburg and once a month he came to Berlin. 


Thesis, thesis...Thesis. I flew to Finland for Easter holidays and to meet my professor. Thesis was proceeding well and I decided to write until I'm 100 % happy with it ;D. I also started to do Yoga in my current place during this time, that kept me sane...


Was there April? With a little Facebook- research I found out that this was when I started to gather respondents for the survey of my thesis. As boring as it is, I think thesis was all I did the whole month, besides work..It seems that I was also sick :D. Not the most exiting month.


Ben's and mine attempt to make traditional 1st of may buns, even after we ran out of sugar and had to use powder sugar. I was trying to follow ice hockey world championships, but Finland didn't do that good this year. And the highlight of the month: a one week trip to Barcelona with my best of the bestest friends! 


 I consider June was the month that my social life restarted after the thesis :p. 150 pages later I had finally finished it! In the beginning of the month I went to Finland to join Isla-niece's 1 year birthday party and to present my thesis and to do the maturity test. My professor promised the best grade and I headed to buy a bottle of champagne. I met my friends by the see and celebrated! The weather was perfect and  I felt so relieved and happy. Later in the evening I saw a BEAR! I consider this day the best day of the summer ;D. Me and Ben celebrated Ben's birthday and my graduation with a trip to Lybeck and Ostsee and ate in a michelin star restaurant called Restaurant Wullenwever. I was so nervous my hands were sweating there, haha! We also had my sister's bachelor party so I flew to Finland for the second time in one month! Oh, and I almost forgot we also celebrated midsummer in the nordic midsummer party in Berlin :). A busy month it was but a good one!


Jenni's and Mika's wedding meant it was time to fly to Finland again! Right after their wedding they visited me in Berlin and at the end of the month Heini visited me. I went to lakes and outdoor swimming pools, visited a barbie house with Adela and ate brunch out every weekend.


The highlight of the month; Ben moved in with me in Berlin! The disappointment of the month; I couldn't go to sauna festival in Finland because a holiday block at work :(. At the same time we were understaffed in our team and this kept me busy. In August I went to Holi festival in Berlin. While I was sick at the end of the month I started my blog :D. This time I had neither a phone or a camera so I only found this one pic from Holi festival. 


In September Ben and me went to Dresden and hiking in Saxon Switzerland. I went to see David Guetta for free and we also saw Finnish band Apulanta. Both of the gigs were great! I was cooking a lot and started to lid candles every chance I got.


October was completely meatless. We had Finnish team event in Berlin's little "Octoberfest". After over two months of working understuffed the situation finally relieved and I got Taija back to our 2-girls-team. At the same time I headed with my family to Los Alcazares, in shouth of Spain. The holiday couldn't have been better positioned, I couldn't have handled a day more ;P. I also went to Copenhagen with Ben for the weekend.


In November the party season started! There was a house warming party, Danish pre-christmas-glög-shots-party, no reason parties and finally Zalando's Cristmas party. We also started to go to Christmas markets and saw a basket ball game.


Christmas market, shopping for christmas presents, fairy lights, carols...more parties! There was finnish independence day party, nordic party, birthday party before I headed for my holidays on 19th. My liver had its rest until 25th when I met with my high school friends. Tomorrow there's a NYE party. Ben and me are heading to Vaasa to spend it with my friends there. Great month!

That's it. My 2013.I hope your was good as well and you'll have even better 2014!

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