What do Berliners wear at Opera?

Hi Guys!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! My weekend's average was good, since yesterday was excellent and today a bit of a fail (including me going to yoga class that didn't start until 1,5 hours...). On Saturday we ate breakfast home. The day was sunny so we headed to an organic market at Kollwitzplatz. I wasn't sure if there was much going on since it is winter, but surprisingly there was still a lot of stuff to buy. I'm planning to go there again next Saturday to do my veggie shopping. After this I headed to gym, full of energy to fulfill my new year's resolution ;). In the evening Ben and me went to see opera: Mozart's "die Zauberföte" (The Magic Flute, Taikahuilu) at Staatsoper im Schiller Theater in Berlin. 

My biggest concern on Saturday was: What do Berliners wear at opera? I asked Ben and the answer was "Fancy clothes". That's right, that's what I had seen in the movies too - fancy pancy women in long evening gowns holding a glass of wine on the other hand and those tiny opera binoculars on the other, preferably vintage (both the binoculars and the wine...). I only found a LBD (little black dress) which I normally just wear at work because the fabric is not that fancy. I accessorized it with Moschino belt, necklace and pair of black pumps. That would have to do.

At the opera I soon realized I wasn't under dressed. I should know better by now. One of the first ones I spotted after people had taken their jackets to the cloakroom was an older lady with round classes and bright purple quilted overall with some golden detailing. The fabric was something you'd use outside. So basically it was the same kind of skiing overall that Russian ladies use, maybe just not as warm. There was also people who had done it half way; a suit with sneakers or a blazer with leggings. Some people kind of had an idea what they should wear, for example this one woman who had chosen to wear an orange strapless beach maxi dress and underneath a sweater. There was also people who were wearing completely casual outfit and of course some were actually wearing fancy clothes (I saw this one lady...).

Anyways, the opera was great even though I didn't understand always what they were singing about (it was in German, you see). The plot is easy enough to understand anyways so I recommend it to all non-Germans as well :).


My Opera outfit: Dress: Vila, Necklace: H&M, Belt: Moschino, Pumps: Michael Kors


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    1. Thanks Paula! I love the belt as well, it's the savior of a boring outfit ;D


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