Somebody's been crafty again...

Hi guys!

Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was really good, it's been so sunny and warm (c'mon + 10 degrees is just 5 degrees away from (Finnish) summer) lately in Berlin that I've got this energy boost to do stuff! Also "abs2014" -project (with my Finnish friends) and "bitches for fitness" -project (with Siri) have kept me busy and turned me into a regular at my gym, haha. I hope that this motivation sticks. Possibly forever. Oh please do so. If anyone has healthy vegetarian recipes, please share! I'm starting to run out of ideas.

I finally finished my little project that I've been doing for a while...that involves me ripping pictures out of magazines whenever I stumble upon a nice looking one. I wanted to put together a "dream map". It sounds very lame and childish and it kind of is but it's so fun to make and it keeps me focused on whatever I want to achieve. This time my map included healthy lifestyle, getting fit, getting pro at yoga, planning a longer backpacking trip and doing my masters in fashion marketing or similar. Doing my master's will come at some point but for now I'm a bit too comfortable here in Berlin and in my current job to go anywhere ;).

By the there any stationery lovers out there or am I alone with my obsession? I have successfully led "no-spending-on-things-you-don't-need" life since new years UNTIL...until I was casually walking home with Ben from Kochhaus* when I saw something irresistible, an Asian stationery shop! Has it always been there? Was it even real life? Asian stationery shop, Santokki, in the middle of Pappellallee and you know what that means! So cute things you wanna rip them apart!!

*Kochhaus guys, if you live in Germany and have occasional Martha Stewart moments in the kitchen but mostly you're just lazy like me, this is made for you. They have tables around with the recipe and the exact amounts of ingredients you'll need. You pick the dish that looks the most delicious, pick up the ingredients and go home to cook. Great way to impress your friends.


  1. Having a "dream map" or a "vision board" is not childish at all! I have one :D

    The stuff you got is so adorable!!!


  2. Gosh I love everything about this idea!

    Sophie xo


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