Bits of May

Hi guys!

I hope you had a great weekend! I spent a longer weekend in Finland and it was great! I was checking my images from may and seems like I haven't been starving at least. Prepare yourself once again for my food images.

I baked this cute hippo-decorated cake for Ben. He's a fan of Nutella (oh yes you are, Ben!). So this is a Nutella cheesecake. Very sweet, extremely naughty but easy to make. The recipe is here.

Accuse me of starting to sound like the Finnish version of Martha Stewart but I've been dreaming of a veggie spiralizer FOREVER. You can cut veggies with it very fast, but the best part: you can make zucchini pasta with it! Noooo, using a grater IS NOT the same thing! This is all about fooling your brain into thinking you're eating a big pile of carb-a-licious pasta! I bought mine from Amazon. (here)

Please tell me the name of these flowers! I love them, they last so long!

The Book that I finished last month is a memoir of Grace Coddington. I enjoyed this book a lot! It was exciting to read about her eventful life and great a career as a creative director of Vogue.

We went to try pole dancing with some of my colleagues and had a nice dinner at Kimchi Princess afterwards. The class was great and food delicious! Awesome night! Even the long bike ride home after the dinner felt like riding an unicorn on the clouds. Or something.

Ben is the master of Risottos! This delicious dinner was waiting for me on a Friday night. I could have easily swallowed my tongue with it, that's how much I liked it :D

Then came Fanny's and mine cooking/baking night :D. We started by working out to prepare ourselves for the food (over)load. Then cooked/baked about 4 hours and finished off by watching a movie. I baked a raw blueberry cheesecake (an awesome healthy summer treat) and sweet potato brownies (that was too far from the original in my opinion. Fanny liked, but I think I could've made her happy by just offering her a spoonful of sugar ;)). Fanny prepared delicious Chinese food. Hmm, I don't know the names but everything was good xD.

Ever since Taija bought a gorgeous handbag (let's call her Céline), I realized I badly needed my own Céline as well, only I fell for Kate Spade instead.. As it happens, Riikka has a charming gentleman Michael Kors at home who had never even seen a sunlight! A bag date was needed. The bags needed a nice accessorize by their side and therefore we did our best to meet the standards. The location was a lovely rooftop lounge at Hotel de Rome.

Enough is enough. I'll leave the pics of my trip to Finland for the next post :).


  1. Oh my gosh Marjaana, this is too funny but I've been wanting to get my hands on a spiralizer forever, too! I think I'm finally going to get it now haha. I've seen so many amazing recipes using zucchini pasta.

    The hippo cake looks so good, great job! Looks like you've had an amazing month, I love posts like this one ;) Thanks for sharing the links for recipes, I will definitely try those sweet potato brownies.

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. Spiralizer is awesome! Sooo handy, I recommend buying it ;D.


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