Top restaurants in Berlin

Let's share some food-love!
Here are my favorite restaurants in Berlin. Please help me to grow the "to go" -list if you know any good restaurants here :).

My birthday dinner at Transit

  • White trash: "Berlin’s best steaks plus German-Asian-Mexican-French-Swiss-Army Fusion, with guitar". Reminds me a bit of Hard Rock Cafe...only better
  • The Bird: One of the best hamburger places in Berlin. They also use very good, fresh ingredients. For many this is a MUST when visiting Berlin. Reserve!
  • Schwarzwaldstuben: German food. Especially food from Bavaria. Try Maultaschen mit Kartoffelsalat (my favourite!) 
  • Mustafa's Gemüse Kebab: The best döner, but be prepared to line up for half an hour or so. It’s totally worth it though, I’ve done it four times, no regrets!
  • Transit: Asian “tapas”. Nice with a bigger group...order the table full and share ;)
  • DUDU: Asian fusion, try their fish bowl or crunchy dudu...or both. Reserve!
  • A Magica: The best pizza I’ve eaten. Real italian!
  • Monsieur Vuong: Vietnamese, try their awesome cocktails too! Go early as they don't take reservations
  • Wok Show – prepare your tummy for this –great dumplings in big portions! “real Chinese homemade food” as my Swedish-chinese friend put it ;)
  • Zuckerfree – Lovely brunch place, You order from the list. Also great lunch + cakes!
  • Le Midi – Another lovely brunch place from Corsica right next to Zuckerfree. You order from a list...great cakes here as well!
  • Omoni: Korean-Japanese, for sushi lovers as well as non-sushi lovers, eh? Reserve!

On my “to go” list


  1. Voidaanko testata nämä kaikki kun tullaan käymään? :D En malta odottaaaa....

    1. Pitää varmaan syödä viis kertaa päiväs, et saadaan kaikki käytyä :-D

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