Holiday greetings

Ho ho ho :D

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I've been quite busy meeting my friends and my little niece and trying to show Ben the ultimate Finnish Christmas experience. It has been raining all the time which doesn't help to set the mood much :D. 

Christmas eve was nice as always, the smoked turkey was the highlight of the dinner again. The day included sauna, eating (...lots of it, the last "dinner" was at 2am...), playing with my niece and her new toys. I even got few gifts! Mainly books, make up and skin care products and from Ben I got tickets to opera in Berlin. Good stuff :). My gift to Ben is a 3-day trip after NYE to place X, he'll find it out then ;). But probably the most exiting gift I gave with my older sister for our younger sister Juulia. It was a gift card abroad with us during Easter time and it only included a hint about the destination ;)... Here's the first hint first in Finnish and then clumsily translated into English, but don't you try to make me rhyme it :D. I got tips for the hint even from my colleague so it's well thought although annoyingly general :p.

  • Kun maailmankatsomustasi haluat avartaa, tänne kätevästi lentokoneella hurauttaa. Se on muista niin irrallaan, että sitä melkein voisi kutsua saareksi ihan kiusallaan. Puhunko maasta, kaupungista vai maanosasta? Sen sanon, että siellä voi myös surfata! Sinne miljoonia turisteja vuodessa matkustaa, koska tätä paikkaa ei kerta kaikkiaan voi vastustaa. Mikä on paikan viehätys? Ei ainakaan kierrätys! Puhunkohan ihan huttua, jos sanon että siellä saattaa asua myös tuttuja?
  • Whenever you want to broaden your worldview, you can easily catch a plane here. It's so separated from the others that you could almost call it an island. Am I talking about country, city or continent? I can tell you this much; you can also surf there! Millions of tourists travel there each year because you simply cannot resist this place. What is the charm of this place? At least not recycling! Am I talking absolutely nonsense if I say that there might live also some acquaintances?
  • Any guesses ;D?

My Christmas presents...missing a few

On Christmas day I met with my high school friends. We had a lot to catch up and therefore also Ben got a good Finnish lesson while listening our babbling. I'm afraid it was hard to understand since it was hardly recognizable as Finnish anymore due to our strong accent :D.

Maybe these two pics capture the evening best :D Anita was the photographer and if i recall right she said; "My brother has the same camera, I can use this!"....oh well... :D

Ben, Juulia, Feetu the dog and me also made a trip to this little hut in the middle of the forest to grill some sausages and make s'mores. If you don't know what s'more is: basically u melt chocolate on a cookie and then grill a marshmellow on top of it and put another cookie on top and Voilà! God, it's good! This forest is full of all kinds of animals from moose to lynx but we weren't lucky enough to see any.

I look like a fat pink boy scout, but bare in mind this is my Teuva-look

The plate is eating Juulia

We also spent Saturday with my lovely niece, Isla. First we went to see her kindergarten and then we ate some pizza and took care of her when Jenni and Mika went to see a movie. True quality time with Isla :)

We have also seen a basket ball game, been to movies, cooked and baked, done some shopping and seen also other friends than presented in the images ;). Luckily we still have one week ahead! I hope I also have some time to read! I've only managed to finish one book, Lev Grossman's "The magicians". It's about Quentin Coldwater who is accepted to a college to become a magician. I recommend it to anyone who fancies fantasy, but do not expect Harry Potter in the early days -kind of lightness ;).

Have a great New Years guys! Me and my sister are planning to film some video(s) which I without hesitation will post here if we come around to it.


  1. Oh opera THAT'S NICE!!! Teuva-look has the very same vibe as Puumala-look ;). Enjoy your holidays :)

    1. Yes, I'm excited :)! hhaha, yeah practicality beats fashionable here ;D. Have a nice NYE :)!


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