It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

Hi guys!

The title of this post is a bit more dramatic translation to the Finnish expression "Itku pitkästä ilosta". I'm of course referring to my nice weekend after which I got sick :P.

On Friday we had Zalando's Christmas party. Me and couple of colleagues went to my place beforehand to take a powernap, eat a quick snack and to change and prepare for the night. The theme of the party was Noël en blanc and therefore the dress code was to wear something white. The party was great :)!

"Found from the phone"

On Saturday I woke up with barely no voice and a headache (I blame the hairband I was wearing :p). Anyways me and Ben had a nice brunch and in the evening we went to Lucia Christmas market at Kulturbrauerei. I was especially enthusiastic about this one because I knew they had some Finnish mulled wine and poronkäristys (which is kind of a reindeer stew with mashed potatoes and lingonberries). I filmed a short video (well of course I did). Excuse my voice there...

Sunday was very relaxed. We ate a nice breakfast at home, watched movies and read. Btw, I recommend Monster university as a Sunday movie, very entertaining :). I was feeling a bit under the weather and my throat was still sore but in order to feel productive I went to gym. Ssooo today I woke up with even worse throat ache and I had to stay home. But I feel better now.

Anyways it was a very nice weekend and I'm starting to feel quite Christmassy ;).

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