Postcard from Tokyo

Hi guys!

Tokyo was absolutely amazing! I couldn't have wished for a better kick start for my trip! I've met up with lots of locals as well as some other backpackers.

Some of the highlights of my trip...

  • Lovely Yae (whom I met through couchsurfing site) showed me around in Shinjuku. We ate, took PRICLA pictures, walked around national garden and she explained me a lot about working life in Japan and about the dating culture. She even showed me the "shady side of Tokyo" ;D. I found especially interesting the places where you go and pay a lot for the drinks but in return the young good looking staff will chat and flirt with you :D. Love hotels are also popular especially among teenagers, because sometimes you don't have your own room at home...

  • I had a great time at a couchsurfing event in a Japanese restaurant/bar Izakaya (and afterwards park...) at the awesome area of Kichijoji. We were a group of about half locals and half either travelers or foreigners that had moved to Tokyo. Awesome people!

  • Great shopping, food and city lights at Shibuya and Shinjuku. More great food at Ikebukuro, charming old town Asakusa with beautiful temple area.

  • People watching in Harajuku (teenagers' street style!)

  • Thank you thank you thank you Tokyo for having free toilets everywhere for the thirsty tourists like me! (YES, it IS a highlight :D)

  • I ate not only sushi but all the rest of the amazing Japanese food. But definitely there was a lot of sushi involved. So much so that during the last days I started getting an allergic reaction whenever eating it. My body is full of mercury.

  • Seriously Japanese people are so nice and considerate. I was always traveling without a map because I knew the locals would show me the way if I got lost. This is why it's difficult for me to understand why would you have a culture shock here! I'm for sure getting it in my next destination in Bali, when I actually have to take care of my stuff.

  • Little did I know that by attending a couchsurfing event where we walked around Tokyo station area I'd finally end up spending the next 18 hours with some of the people :D. After the tour the 18 hours involved many, many bars and night clubs, eating, karaoke, four different areas in Tokyo, drinking games, sharing about our cultures and of course amazing people. One of the most random and funniest nights I've had :).

  • ...also, who would have known that at the night club I'd accidentally ask for a help from a yakuza member to show me how the lockers work... He was very helpful though.

  • I can warmly recommend Sakura hostels if you're looking for a cheap accommodation in Tokyo. My hostel was in Ikebukuro where I had an easy access to everywhere. The staff was friendly and helpful!

My hostel kitchen

One of the hundreds of Sanrio stores - Shinjuku

Hello Kitty Selfie stick :D


Choosing the PRICLA machine (photo sticker) - Shinjuku









Couchsurfing meetup in a japanese bar/restaurant Ikazaya in Kichijoji

Mochi -the riceball sweets - Ginza


Asakusa - the old town

Asakusa- the temple area

Pancakes -Asakusa

What a gloomy day!

Attended a couchsurfing event - walking around Tokyo station area

Shibuya, the statue of loyal Hachiko, who came to wait for his owner at Shibuya station even nine years after the owner had died.




Guys, as I promised to keep you up to date, I've also safely arrived in Bali! For the first night I booked a fancy ass hotel room (33 €, uuuuuuu!!!) but after this I may or may not have a working WiFi. All I know is that on Thu-Sat I'll be in Gili Trawangan Island at Gili Backpackers (I don't think there's even address for that cause there are no proper roads). On Saturday I'll probably come back to Legian for a night and on Sunday I'll head to Ubud for a week to do some yoga ;).

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