In Tokyo, Safe and sound

----Video alla suomeksi---

Hi guys!

I'm here!! Jet-lagged but happy. I already love this place. I didn't do much today, just walked around Ikebukuro area and did some shopping, people watching (like the sympathetic 150 year old grandpa with a bike) and ate sushi of course! 

This city is full of colours, weird noises and yummy smells from food. Everyone has been very helpful as I've tried to navigate the city, even without the common language. I haven't seen many tourists in this area, just here at my hostel. Even at the running sushi place I was the only foreigner. Luckily the men next to me helped me with stuff. Everyone had their own tap there where you could pour yourself more green tea and I thought that was brilliant :D! I think I'll get lost still many times during my time here...

Some pics from the day. Even got to try the famous washlet toilet ;). How fancy is a heated toiled seat!?

I read two guidebooks of Tokyo before I came here and both warned about the culture shock. I also chatted with a British girl I met in my hostel's lobby and she said she found it overwhelming that she couldn't read anything and got lost all the time. Luckily I didn't experience anything like that yet. Although honeymoon phase is actually considered as one of the phases of culture shock but I'm more than happy to take that ;).

Tomorrow I'll meet up with a local and we'll spend some time in Shinjuku area. Unfortunately it seems like it'll rain tomorrow.

I filmed quite a lot during the day but just in Finnish...

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