Let's catch up!

Hi guys!

Yo. I'm back! Here's the extended list of excuses why I haven't blogged:

  1. I went to Finland and fell out of track
  2. I didn't have internet in one month
  3. My computer is slow
  4. Too many ideas to write about
  5. I've spent too much time at gym
  6. The previous one was a lie

Few things have happened while I've been "gone" so let's look back for a bit...

  • We moved! Again... The girl who rented us the previous apartment needed her lovely flat so we looked for a new flat closer to my work in Friedrichchain. I'm not gonna lie; this is not as nice as the previous one was, but oh well, you can't have everything now, can you? It's nice to be closer to work because for a while I was biking 16 km per day to get to work.
  • Ah, a designer sale! I left with a dress and a skirt from Kenzo.
  • I went to see Lady Gaga! 

  • I went to Finland! Lovely as always. I got to spend time with lovely Isla. At the end of my stay we planned Christmas holidays in Gran Canaria with my family. 
  • In Finland I went horseback riding. Haven't done it in years! Loved it!

  • I've been on a mostly-vegetarian diet pretty much the whole year... In October there is a "meatless October" campaign in Finland. Ironically I was craving more meat than ever in October. Was it the autumn doing its tricks for me? I don't know but I cooked everything from meatballs to cabbage casserole (traditional Finnish dish). 
  • I got a new phone! The first thing I did? I joined Instagram! Follow me ;) (maikkoo0)
  • I've been building my new vision board, although in the form of a book this time (easier to transport you see ;) ) I also took part in manifesting workshop organized by Clare from Woodward institute. Feeling all inspired now ;)

  • We had a nice team event at Teufelsberg ("devil's mountain")which is an artificial hill with an old spying station that was built after the second world war. We got to golf there. One of the "in Berlin only" -experiences.

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