Hi guys!

Alright, maybe we did wake up a bit too late to the whole crab season but seriously, no single crab in entire Berlin? And that, my friends, is how we ended up having shrimp party instead of the traditional crab party that we have in Finland during this time of the year. 

As a starter we had wasabi-salmon bread. Super easy to make; you need to mix wasabi with quark (is this a word?) or sour cream and spread it on a dark bread and add a slice of smoked salmon on top. We were generous with the wasabi and it gave a nice kick ;). Sounded something like this: "Yumm, aaaarrGGHH, yumm, ÄÄähhh"

As a main dish we had a fresh salad and king prawns fried with olive oil, dried chili and lots of garlic. We had lots of bread too to dip it in the oil. We also baked a shrimp pie.

As a dessert we had delicious home-made, or Sanna-made, lemon macarons.

Quite honestly, with or without the crabs, the evening was great :)


  1. Everything looks so delicious Marjaana, I love shrimp with lots of garlic, they always make a great combo. I love your little lights on the balcony, looks so comfy and cozy ;)

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    1. It was uch a nice evening! Ah, gotta love that balcony! Trying to enjoy it as long as the weather is still nice!


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