Holiday, at last!

Hi guys!

Hurrayy, my holiday started! I can't remember when was the last time I had a proper summer holiday. I'm flying today to Finland for two weeks. The weeks will include eating Finnish food (salmon, new potatoes, rye bread, berries and veggies straight from my grandma's garden...), hanging out with my dear friends, walking in the forest, maybe a summer house, maybe fishing, maybe a road trip or maybe just chilling at backyard reading Harry Potter ;). 

Our little movie-corner in the balcony last night


  1. Haha I'm watching Harry Potter movies all weekend this week. Books are a lot better though! Your balcony looks incredibly cozy and so lovely! Hope you have an amazing time on your vacation and get some well-deserved rest! <3

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    1. Thanks Paula! I loooove Harry Potters, the best thing ever to read on a vacation! I had an awesome time in Finland :)!


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