Hi guys!

The topic of this post doesn't refer to 10 kilos I've lost or 10 000 € pay rise I've received (unfortunately). It refers to a challenge that I'm doing at the moment. I've took a couple of hours with a personal trainer at my gym and as a result for the next five weeks I'm going to gym 4 times a week, doing 500 reps of swings each time with a kettlebell to finally achieve my goal of 10 000 reps. Now, you might ask why... To strengthen my core and to lose few centimeters along the way...hopefully. I'm 1000 reps down now. 9000 to go. Damn. Anybody out there who has done the same challenge?

This is how a swing should look like. In the last picture the woman looks happy, but don't be fooled - it's probably not her 500th swing...

Swings aren't the only thing I've done lately (YET). I was sick but at least I learned how to make origami hearts. I also attempted doing a dinosaur but that just didn't work out. Must be the fever. We also moved! I love it here, we have now much more space. I'll film a video later on ;). I've been also cooking and baking much more since we now have enough space for it. The stuff I bake doesn't fully support my healthy new years resolutions but to keep it all in balance me and Siri did our very first carafe of green juice! I was also supporting Finland in the Olympics ice hockey (we won bronze!).

The pasta pic below...you have to try the recipe! It's with zucchini-garlic-chili-parmesan sauce. Super easy and super tasty! The recipe is here

"Found from the phone -pics"

In case you wanna try to make your own origami Tyrannosaurus Rex ;).....


  1. First time I hear of a challenge like this one, sounds interesting! Good luck :) And thanks for that recipe, I have some zucchini in my fridge and didn't know what to make:)

    1. It's interesting indeed ;). Thanks! I hope you'll like the zucchini pasta!


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