Let's get it started...

Hi guys!
I finally started my very own blog. I've been planning to do this for a longlong time but I just never found the time to start (seriously, I was just lazy). I do this mainly to keep my friends and family out there up north up to date what I'm up to. up up up. Although, as you notice, I've chosen to write in English, WHAAAt? Yep, even though my best of the bestest friends are Finns, most of my other friends don't know a word of it. So, I guess I'll start like this and if I find out later that Finnish would be anyways a better choice, then I'll just swap. Just like that. After all, all my best of the bestest finns do speak English with a very nice British accent indeed.

So guys, I know you also wanna see some superduper nice photos of Berlin and stuff, won't you? I try my best to be more active camera user. I'll start by searching for my camera. It is out there somewhere.

Until next time (club) mates!

Ps. If you ever see this brilliant drink somewhere lurking on the shelves of a grocery store; STOP! purchase, open, enjoy.


  1. I'm getting a bit too excited about this!

    1. This might well be my first and last post :p eheeee, kidding!


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