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Hi guys!

I hope you all had fantastic Easter holidays! Mine was great! I stayed in Berlin and spent some time with friends eating good food and going out. The weather was also good enough for some rollerblading at Tempelhof.

Last year during the Easter holidays me and my older sister took our little sister as a surprise to New York. I finally edited the video material from that trip. We forgot to film a lot because we were too busy taking everything in even just with our eyes ;D.

I'm ranting in the beginning of the video about how Juulia doesn't know about anything and blablaa in Finnish :D.

Suomeksi lyhyesti:

Viime vuonna pääsiäisen aikaan mä ja isosisko-Jenni vietiin pikkusisko-Juulia yllärireissulle New Yorkiin. Editoin viimeinkin videomateriaalit. Paljon jäi kuvaamatta, kun suu ammollaan ihmeteltiin kaupungin menoa.

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